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Cobra Snake Venom Cream, anti-Wrinkles, 120 ml.

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Snake Cream extra tension: Its effect tensor effectively reduces wrinkles and fine lines. With daily application, skin recovers its firmness and elasticity.

Rich in peptides and trace elements, this concentrate similar in composition to cobra venom, causing a tightening effect, fast and durable, with disappearance or reduction of wrinkles and expression lines.


Apply to any area as face and neck with a gentle massage. Acts similar to snake venom component responsible for inhibiting activity of muscle contractions.

Snake Venom Cream is safe. Indisputably, ecology-friendly and totally without risk. It contains no preservative and is considered absolutely safe for use in cosmetic products.

Snake Venom Cream is the first product on the market, which is effective in topical anti-wrinkle facial treatment. Simultaneous testing of a competitive product has shown a marked advantage of Snake Venom Cream in efficacy.

NO Parabens, non-allergenic, Not tested on animals.


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