Bee Venom Cream, 50 ml.

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Day & night treatment
Stimulates cell metabolism
All skin types including sensitive ones

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Bee Venom essence - 10 Natural Effects

Synthesized bee venom extracts, bee wax, propolis, royal  jelly, pollen and honey, reaffirm (micro-wrinkles), stimulate cell metabolism, moisturize, condition, smooth and regenerate tissues as well as nourishing the skin. In short its antioxidant and anti-aging effects revitalize and purify the facial skin and neck. Ideal for mature, sensitive or greasy skin as well as those with impurities.

Bee Venom essence is ideal for mature, sensitive or greasy skin as well as those with impurities, as a foundation cream and as a night treatment.

It relieves and relaxes muscles and joints. It is also used to treat hematomas, inflammations, lumbago, bones inflammation...


DIRECTIONS for use: Apply daily to face and neck morning and night on clean dry skin. Spread with soft circular massages to promote better penetration of the cream.

Cosmetic product for external use only. Not dermatologically tested on animals. Keep out of reach of children. It contains no parabens or mineral oils. Due to its natural ingredients, keep away from light and heat. Ingredients marked * are from organic farming.

Content 50 ml.


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