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Proteoglycans, Bodyderm plus, box with 20 ampoules (ampules) of 2 ml.

Anti-aging cosmetic treatment in ampoules that provides luminosity, firmness and hydration. Improves the general appearance of the skin. Prevents the appearance of expression wrinkles.

Provides a doubles effect:

-Immediate effect: More hydrated, luminous and smoother skin.

-Long-term effect: reaffirms and moisturizes, gradually blurs wrinkles and expression lines.


HOW TO USE: Apply on face, neck and neckline on clean skin with a light massage. Then, apply your usual cream. To maintain the effectiveness of the ampoule, its use is recommended during the 24 hours following its opening.

External use only. Non-injectable.

Avoid direct contact with the eyes and mucous areas.

Do not us on children under three years old.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, use solar protection.


TYPE OF SKIN: Indicated on all skin types, especially for dry and dehydrated skin.


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