Soy Protein 100%, Strawberry, Sotya, 1 Kg.

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100% Soy Protein Sotya 1 Kg Strawberry is a powdered protein supplement consisting of soy protein isolated guaranteed IP (Identity Preserved).

Not available quantity. Processing time: +7-10 days

The isolated soy protein represents the most pure and effective source of vegetable protein

Highly purified soya isolate is rapidly absorbed; according to FAO, soy protein has high digestibility and availability of essential amino acids.

The "IP" being means that all processes of production and product processing and transportation thereof are guaranteed NO GMO, ie, not genetically modified. Compared with milk protein, most notably when it comes to choosing a protein or other differences are basically two: soy protein is lactose free and contains no animal ingredients. Repair broken muscle fibers and helps create new ones.


Strawberry flavor


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