Satiating Shake (Powder), Strawberry, Sotya, tin with 700 g.

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- Food supplement recommended in slimming diets.

- Diuretic, tonic

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Presentation and composition: 700g of satiating smoothie made with milk, with all the vitamins and minerals in the amounts recommended by the CDR, and the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fiber necessary for a balanced meal, healthy and low-calorie. No sugar added. With green coffee extract. Available in five delicious flavors (chocolate, strawberry, coffee, vanilla and white chocolate).


PROPERTIES: These shakes containing 25% protein derived from milk, vitamins and minerals. It is a dietary supplement designed either as meal replacement in diets, as well as providing additional nutrient deficiency states or people with higher nutritional needs (eg athletes, seniors, nursing, etc.). The extract of decaffeinated green coffee has lipid-lowering properties, increases the metabolism of sugars and fats naturally, without causing nervousness.


INSTRUCTIONS: Take one to two tablespoons dissolved in water or milk once a day to replace a meal, preferably lunch or dinner, as part of a reduced calorie diet. You should drink plenty of fluids, do some kind of moderate physical activity daily and make regular medical checks. As additional input of nutrients, these shakes can be taken two or three times a day.


WARNINGS Before starting a diet, you should consult with a physician.


ADVICE: The information shown in our articles is merely instructing and it does not replace the doctor prescription or treatment. If you have concerns about your state of health, consult your doctor.


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