TEA TREE essential oil, 30ml

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Tea tree essential oil is obtained by distillation, in alembic, from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. The tea tree plant is native from Australia, its aborigines have been using it for hundreds of years because of its amazing properties.

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Tea tree oil is one of the most studied oils. It has many properties and traditional uses, such as: fungicide, antiseptic, cardiac tonic, sudorific, immunostimulatory, mental stimulating, regenerative and skin healing.

Properties and benefits of tea tree oil:

Tea tree essential oil is widely used in cosmetics and for:

· Wart treatments.
· Use tea tree essential oil for greasy hair and lices.
· Hygiene.
· Tea tree oil is widely used in aromatherapy.
· Cosmetics.
· Tea tree oil is used to treat acne problems.
· Swollen gums or sore throat.


· Only for external use, don´t ingest.
· Tea tree essential oil is very concentrated, don´t use without dissolution.
· Keep out of the reach of children.
· No contact with sensitive areas of the skin or eyes.
· Keep away from heat and sunlight.


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