Chia Seeds, Inkanat, 200 g.

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The health benefits of Chia seeds are many, but these superfoods are best known as a source of balanced Omega oils.

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The Aztec Superfood. genuine Central American Chia Seeds. Chia seed is one of the greatest superfoods known to man. In ancient times Aztec legend said that one mouthful of the mythical seeds could sustain a warrior in battle for 24 hours. Modern science has shown Chia seed have a powerful combination of high grade Omega 3 & 6 (10 x more than salmon), antioxidants (4 x more than blueberry) Vitamins and minerals (some of the highest levels of any food) which boost physical performance and protect health.  Chia has an incredible GI index which provides the slow burn needed to sustain energy levels throughout the day.  Each seed eaten is like a golden elixir of life itself.  Chia is a gluten free wholefood, with a mild nutty flavour, that can be sprinkled over kids lunches, salads, smoothies, soups or incorporated into breads and cakes.  A teaspoon in hot water makes a great chia tea.  Chia has a pleasant mild, nutty taste and smell so you can boost your favourite foods with natural goodness without altering their flavour.  Chia adds value both nutritionally and for its appeal as a novel new functional Superfood with many health advantages.


0% Cholesterol. Rich in ac unsaturated fatty É3 and É6. High fibre content. Source of protein. Without sodium / salt.


Ingredients: Whole Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica L).


Instructions: It is advisable to grind. Add one tablespoon, two times a day, to yoghurt, juices, cereals, etc.. You can also soak the seeds in water to swell the mucilages.


Net quantity: 200 g


ADVICE:  This product is not a medicine but a FOOD SUPPLEMENT.  You must not use it as a replacement of a balanced diet. The information shown in our articles is merely instructing and it does not replace the doctor prescription or treatment. If you have concerns about your state of health, consult your doctor. It is not recommended that you exceed the daily suggested dosage.  Keep away from children.  Store it in a fresh and dry place.


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